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It has been my greatest pleasure to provide soaps and skin care products to you and your family. What started for me as a science project to make a few products for the sensitive and itchy skin of my family members turned into a long-term mission to create and make available gentle and effective products that smell great and leave skin feeling cared for and comfortable. Time moves along though and our once busy little farm is now home to just five sweet geriatric goats and one little hen, and it’s time for me to hang my soap bucket back on its hook.

We have started the process of closing our webstore. Our remaining inventory is limited, and prices have been updated to reflect our final sale price. We will not be reducing prices any further. We plan to keep the webstore open until October 22nd unless our inventory is depleted before then. Any unsold inventory will be donated to the non-profits we have supported over the years.

This week we have also released our 2022 holiday soaps, Cranberry Balsam and Frankincense + Myrrh. Since these always sell out so quickly, a cap of 10 bars per order will be in place initially to give everyone a chance to get a few bars if desired.

Here are a few things that may be helpful to know:

1. Our non-soap skin care products, including our facial care and hair care products, have a shelf life of one year from date of purchase. Soaps and candles, if stored properly in a cool, dry, and dark spot, will last longer though some lighter fragrance notes like mint or citrus may begin to fade over time.

2. Soaps will be sold naked—without a wrapper—and will be shipped to you in a glassine paper bag. This includes the holiday soaps.

3. As you are well aware I’m sure, shipping fees have increased significantly by all carriers including the USPS. Accordingly, our flat rate shipping price was updated recently to $10.00. I will do my best to honor this rate through closing but do retain the right to adjust the shipping rates on particularly large or heavy orders if needed. If that becomes necessary, I will contact you prior to filling and shipping the order.

4. Eventually we will sort through the extra kitchen equipment, shelves, and tools that were used in making our products and put them up for sale. If you are interested in being notified when we have a sales list available, please let me know by email to

Thanks for supporting us and our farm over these many years!



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